When your love comes in exchange for a feeling. This can't be called love, which is why someone is very good to you, but you just can't love, because in front of him you don't understand the compromise, you think all his love is right, so you really ignore the true meaning of love. The concentric lock in the lake is the witness of two people's love, and the cultivation of the concentric lock is so difficult. One person has a lot to guard this feeling, and the other person needs painstaking pursuit to close the rhythm of her love. This kind of infatuation will definitely be the perfect embodiment of pure and true love. The mind is floating, and the one you think she is also thinking of you. That is to say, the heart is sharp. Every one of us can't stand loneliness. The feeling of dryness is on the verge. Just outside the secular world, love is transparent and clearly visible. It seems that only feelings are really worth going, and other things are fleeting. So, a restless heart began to find a place where they could no longer live. When two people want to love come together, it becomes love. But in many cases, a person, a relationship, is not their own need for love. Together for a long time, it will inevitably feel boring. Although freshness can't decide everything, it will affect people who have poor self-control. It's a very serious word. It's also a fatal injury in love.